Monday, January 18, 2010

Nature shows how

Nature is full of wonders, we can grab this just by looking around, God's creation is awesome. But there are some occasions where we just want to stop and say WOW.

Today i found a picture in one of my contacts stream in Flickr that made me stop and say WOW. This time the Nature showed us how to protect our hearts, in a funny way.

Original and Credit : Abdullah

Annular eclipse in the Indian Ocean caught in NASA daily images

I am a big fan of Google Earth, and i keep both the morning and afternoon daily image layers from NASA MODIS sattelite saved in My Places in Google Earth and occasionally check them.

Yesterday when i activated the layer, i found something interesting. The annular eclipse which occurred over Indian Ocean has made it into the images. so i took two screen shots, one with the morning layer and the other with the afternoon layer.

Morning Layer

Afternoon Layer